Welcome to Jules Pixels

Welcome to Jules Pixels!  It is great to see you here!  I know that the pixeling community has gotten very quiet but I am hoping that it will get back again to the thriving community of creative artists!  There are so many pixel sites that have disappeared - sure wish I had some current email addresses on these folks, because you know I would be bugging them to get back active with us!!


My first pixeling website (JulesPixelsdotcom) was set up, oh my goodness, back in 2003 or was it in 2002 - then I was one of those that 'disappeared' from 2009 until 2015 - shame shame on me, right?  Anyway I am trying to get more active with the pixel community and I hope that you will do the same!

Have a wonderful day and remember to always:

~Live your life to the fullest, each and every single day~