Who Is Jules?


So who is Jules?

Hello everybody!  It's great to see you here!  So you want to know who I am eh?  lol .. I'm just me .. hehe .. nothing special .. another one of those 'pixel addicts' that are floating around here in cyber space .. :-)

I've been playing around with graphics since the late 1990s - I started off playing with Paint Shop Pro version 5 - it was already installed on my first home computer that we purchased .. lol .. the first thing that I had started doing was collecting, collecting and collecting even more graphics - didn't have the foggiest clue what to do with all of them - remember the day when there were all of those graphic groups sharing all sorts of beautiful images?  Of course this was before any of us were even thinking about copyright stuff .. gosh, when I think of the diskettes (yes you are reading it correctly diskettes) that I was saving full of beautiful graphics - the boom it hit us all, hey we didn't draw these pictures, are we supposed to even have these graphics?

So - that is where my graphic addiction began - I then got into tubing images .. lol .. then making sigtags and stationery .. and then just all sorts of stuff .. I had a run with making tons and tons of scrapbooking kits .. and then my friend Christy showed me pixeling .. from the instant she showed them to me - I was hooked .. I think that was in like 2004 or maybe even 2003 .. not quite sure .. I know that I purchased this domain "JulesPixels" in early 2004 - but prior to purchasing this domain I already had my site:  JulesDesigns  .. and actually that is where I first posted pixeled stuff that I was doing .. hmm .. since then I have closed my JulesDesigns site.

  I am married to my best friend, heck I have known him since I was in 6th grade .. so hmm let me see .. that is approximately 40+ years ago .. hehe .. actually both of us have been married prior to us getting married and both of us have children from our previous marriages .. but we are all one big happy family now .. we have 4 grown children between us and three grandchildren!  Of course I can not leave out our four legged family members - we have three dogs, Bear, Timba and Dutches -- they are the ones that actually rule this house . lol .

So if you have any questions and/or comments for me, please feel free to send me an email - I can't promise that I will get back with you within minutes or even hours, but I will get back to you just as soon as I possibly can!  Just email me at:  jules924atgmail.com (replace the 'at' with @).

(above sigtag made using tubes from HarmoniePixel and Disbme - made by me)

Have a wonderful day!  and remember to always:

~~Live your life to the fullest, each and every single day~~