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Monthly Sigtag Club

Hey folks -- I am going to try and start back making personalized sigtags for you!!  I am planning on setting up my monthly sigtag club to start back the beginning of August, 2020.  I know that I had members of my monthly sigtag club when my computer went kapooey, for lack of a better word, so I am going to automatically add those folks back into my monthly sigtag club and honor the memberships that you had already paid for -- I will be sending out an email to each of you letting you know.  :-) 

This will be a monthly membership to receive a minimum of 15 personalized unique sigtags made by me for sigtag club members only, I will not be offering these tags for sale to any others until after the month of the monthly club membership (as of this date I have not offered any of the monthly sigtag club content to anyone other than the members). I will be using tubes and lineart from my purchased memberships as well as lines that I create myself.  You can see all of my membership licenses along with purchaseware licenses in my memberships area.

Monthly Membership will be $15.00 per person and this sigtag club membership will include a minimum of 15 personalized sigtags for you the month that you are a member. This is a savings of what I normally charge per personalized sigtag (my normal charge is $1.50 per tag or 4 for $5 and some are $2.00 each). I will sometimes make a matching email stationery to go along with your personalized sigtag. I will also include 'extras' to go along with your personalized sigtag (i.e. thanks, you're welcome, hello, hugs, etc.) these will also be included with your monthly membership, as well as some other goodies for you - these are a surprise!  I will have a password protected area within my website where all of your goodies will be located.  As soon as I add new content to the member's area I will notify you via email.  It is your responsibility to visit the member's area and snag up all of your goodies! :-) 

I will take membership requests through the end of the prior month to begin the upcoming 1st day of the new month. When I receive your request for membership I will send you a 'request for payment' via paypal once payment has been received I will include you for the upcoming monthly sigtag club membership. You will receive a welcome email from me with all of the pertinent information about logging into the password protected area.  Please please do not share this information with anyone - this area is for sigtag club members only! :-)  Also I would appreciate it if you would please take the time to read over my Terms of Use - it always helps if we are all reading off the same page, so to speak.

I thought you might be interested in viewing some samples of what previous Monthly Sigtag Club Members have received - here is a small sampling for your review:

To request membership to Jules Pixels Monthly Sigtag Club, please click HERE and include the following information:

Your Name that you want on your sigtags

Your PayPal email address (I will not share this information with anyone)

Your URL (if you have one, it is not required to have a website)

Your Hair and Eye Color

Your Birthday (month and day only)

Favorite Colors

Length of Membership requesting (i.e. one month, 2 months, etc.)

Your email address for delivery of announcements from me (I will not share this information with anyone)

Today's Date

**Special Pricing**

-- I am offering special pricing to those of you that might want to purchase a 2 month membership versus a 1 month membership!  The price to join for 2 months will be $25.00 versus if you were purchasing the 1 month membership 2 months in a row the cost would be $30.00 so you are enjoying a $5.00 savings.  At this time I am only offering 10 memberships at this discounted price.

Currently there are 5 of 10 available.

To take advantage of this special pricing please click HERE to submit your membership request.  Please make sure and include all of the information that is required as listed above. :-)

-- I am offering another special pricing discount to those of you that would like to join for 6 months at a time - this will be only $70.00 versus the normal $90.00 this gives you a bit of a discount in the cost.  I will limit to 5 people that can join in this way.

Currently there are 5 of 5 available.

Please just send me an email by clicking HERE in order to sign up for this special pricing of joining for 6 months for the price of $70.00!!  Also please make sure and send me all of the information listed above in order for me to set up your membership as well as send you an invoice from Paypal.

I am really excited about offering this monthly sigtag club to all of you!  I absolutely love my sigtag club and the members - I have developed several wonderful and meaningful friendships with many of my members!  Won't you come join us?  I would love to get to know you - and make sigtags for you!!

Have a wonderful day!  and remember to always:

~~Live your life to the fullest, each and every single day~~